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Our work is coordinated with more than 150 countries, provided that match the specific needs of services related to transport to all major outlets and one of them.
MOVEO UK offer scheduled flights and charter flights to organization of chosen from a wide list of major carriers or competitive carriers in our own service, so our activities flexible enough to meet the needs of all customers – both outbound cargo piece, a number of permanent cargo importers and exporters.

Our services:

  • Small shipments by air from door to door within 1-2 w.d. or 2-4 w.d.
  • Oversized cargo delivery from door to door;
  • Immediate delivery by air;
  • Cost effective delivery by air;
  • Transportation of perishable products;
  • Chartered cargo flights;

Air freght. Plane cargo transportation

Air transport is used for urgent and valuable cargo shipment. Depending on the requirements, air transport consists of four groups:

 Priority air transport – especially urgent cargo, with an air company’s priority status. The cargo with this status is attended without queuing; it is loaded onto airplane and unloaded first. If the flight is late, a separate truck delivers all the goods from one aircraft to the other via airstrip (the cargo is not being stored). The pick up of such cargo takes less time, designated airport is reached with minimal amount of transit points. The transportation time to the designated airport is 24-48 hrs.

General air transport – is the most popular type of air transport – the shipments are delivered via regular or charter flights. 2/3 of all designated airports are reached with 1-2 transmissions, thus the transportation time takes 3 days to almost 70% of the world’s countries.

Combined air transport (air + land) – the type of air transporting that is becoming more popular due to a smart ratio of smaller rates and longer tran


sit times. Lower transport rates are offered by the economies of scale, called consolidation in transport. The principle of consolidation is merging small units into one big shipment in one of the airports. Usually consolidation is done every week until Friday. On Saturdays the shipments are sent to the designated airports, the customs are cleared during the weekend and delivered to the clients by the land transport. A2 Cargo offers consolidations to the clients via Frankfurt airport (Germany). We can provide good offers for airfreight from North America, Mexico and Eastern Asia (Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, and Vietnam). Usually point-to-point consolidation shipments take 9-14 days to be delivered.

Combined air transport (sea + air + land) – when transportation by sea takes too long and air shipment considerably exceeds your budget, our specialists offer you cargo shipments from the biggest seaports of Eastern Asia to Dubai (UAE) ports by sea, transporting from Dubai (UAE) to Frankfurt (Germany) by air and delivering to your warehouse by road transport. General transportation takes 25-27 days.

It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that air freight is the most delicate type of transporting. Notice should also be taken not only of the biggest possible weight of the package but its dimensions, center of gravity, the nature of goods and their components as well. Every detail is important because your cargo is transported together with several hundreds of passengers whose safety depends on the correctly stored loads. It is possible to carry almost any cargo by airplanes; the most important thing is to prepare them properly. For such purposes our team is always at your service!